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Born in Leicestershire 1922, the son of a smallholder and a mother herself a keen amateur artist. She was a strong influence in the observance and discovery of nature, etc. Educated at Market Bosworth Grammar School, obtained a position at Leicester College of Art at an early age where he came under the guidance and tuition of Dan Watson, an R.W.S. member and fine artist. Here, with his love of true water-colour and the traditional masters to study it was a period of development, of sound composition and a mastering of the difficult medium, long hours in front of nature observing her moods, changing lights, etc.

Jason Partner began publishing greeting cards in the 1960's selling to friends and local farmers. However when he held exhibitions and commissions followed, Jason asked friends and close relatives to take on the card business for him.

In the 1970's Jason was invited to visit the US and Canada by Lord Beaverbrook. Whilst there Jason did demonstrations in the Old English style. He exhibited his work in Boston and Canada and both proved very popular.

He was commissioned to paint for the late Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, the Duke of Edinburgh and former Prime Minister John Major. During his career he was a prolific artist and was invited to local art groups. Jason would make his demonstrations enjoyable using some witty stories and his great sense of humour. His originals were never overpriced and his clients often bought more than one painting. In April 2005 Jason died aged 82 after a career spanning nearly half a century. Many art lovers and ordinary people mourned his loss. Jason’s legacy was that he was a well loved family man, and an artist whose love of Norfolk came across in his work. His memory will live in each of his paintings and every one has a story to tell.

Exhibitions here and abroad (Canada and USA) have established him as a producer of water-colouring few can attain. His works show a mastery of his craft and are much sought after, both privately and by galleries, where they are considered a sound investment. A book written and illustrated in his own style should appeal to all with an interest in this essentially English way of painting – English Art Review 1981.

Jason Partner was born in Leicestershire in 1922
From an early age he knew just what to do
His gift was as an artist of that there was no doubt
So, on his family's farm, with sketchbook and pen, he was often about

A scholarship beckoned, Dan Watson was his tutor
The Old English style with limited palette and plenty of water
Was to prove Jason's strength, the picture flowing from his brush
Not too much detail to include, and never rush

It was in the 1960's that Jason came to Norfolk
His boss loved the area and of it, highly spoke
Jason put down his roots and an adopted Norfolk man, came
Within ten years he had begun his road to fame

Commissions poured in from left to right
Working from early morning to late at night
His philosophy was not to over charge for his views
So customers would buy not one but two

He was always keen to pass on his talent to others
Doing demonstrations at one art group or another
His love and enthusiasm continually shone through
Until his death at the age of eighty-two

The legacy he has left, is pictures galore
A prolific artist, loved by one and all
The scenes will never become dated, on that we agree
And his greeting cards are named Nostalgic Memories


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